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Congratulations to Gravesend
Records members and service of the pioneers to the town

CaribCommx was privileged to be invited to the launch of “From the Caribbean to Kent – Our Journey”, published by the Gravesend Caribbean Active Retirement Group, aIMG_3125.JPGt the Adult Education Centre in Gravesend. This collection contains short stories detailing how and why families from the Caribbean came to the UK and settled in Gravesend, Kent. The contributors are Lucille Bramble, Ivan Hinds (thank you for the signed copy), Ursilla Sullivan, Gretel Moore, Rebecca Sylvina Cordice, Margaret Weekes, and Aletha Toppin Sutherland Woods.
Michelle Bramble, who initiated the project, thanked and introduced tutor Alyss Dye and Katie Cox for leading the creative writing, Susannah Ireland and Paul Wilson for funding the project and allowing the course to take place, and all friends, family and staff at Gravesend Adult Education Centre for their support. We would like to thank also David Goddard for allowing us use of his photographs which illustrate this report.
It was an opportunity, too, to catch up with long-time friends, such as Claudette Bramble JP and musician Joe Mod, who have been the backbone of the Caribbean community activity in Gravesend for more than a generation.
  The occasion was a true “coming home” for us because not only was founder Clayton Goodwin born and raised in Gravesend but this website CaribCommx was designed by the then Dream Studio at Harmer Street in the same town and launched in March 2002 – happy birthday to us!

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