His wife Beverley, who went there as a child, was present for the opening

The John Hoyland Trust is happy to announce the completion of two new class-rooms at a cost of £56,000 at Anchovy Primary School, Anchovy, St James. Hoyland's connection with the school was through his wife, Beverley Heath-Hoyland, who went there as a child.  The former Jamaican beauty queen now oversees the John Hoyland Trust and is based in London. John Hoyland loved Jamaica, its colours and people, and so it feels right to be giving something back to the place that inspired him. The improvement was badly needed, one of the classrooms will be a music room. For Hoyland Jamaica was like a second home and a valuable stimulus for his work. The class-rooms will also function as emergency shelters in times of need and are built to ensure they withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.  John Hoyland (12 October 1934 – 31 July 2011). Royal Academician John Hoyland was one of the great exponents of abstract painting. His work is remarkable for its bold use of colour and, in recent years, its three-dimensional quality, through the use of thickly-layered and textured acrylic paint.


Here is what Beverley said –

Caribcommx is proud to report her speech in full

“Good afternoon everyone. My name is Beverley Heath-Hoyland.
In 1965 I left this lovely school at the age of 10 to join my parents in London. That was exactly 53 (sic) years ago!
I am delighted that the new classrooms are finished and I am sure my late husband John Hoyland would have been proud if he had been here.
I had an idea to give a gift to Anchovy Primary School some time ago and my late husband John Hoyland agreed that we could give a gift to the school.
John mentioned my idea to his son Jeremy Hoyland before John passed away in 2011 at the age of 76. I am deeply grateful to Jeremy who organised the finances to make this project possible.
Jeremy came to Anchovy School with me 5 years ago and would have loved to come again if he could.



My time at Anchovy

I remember vividly my time at Anchovy as a small girl, living in Belmont District (which is about an hour’s walk from here) and having to run to school each day was exhausting, but it was enjoyable at the same time – no one then went to school in a taxi.
I am ashamed to say that I was often late which meant that a very strict “teacher Clarke”, who was head teacher at the time, would wait by the gate of the school with a cane and we were punished if we were late – that was normal! Late-comers would wait outside the school-gate and we would run in together to minimise the impact of the cane.
I particularly enjoyed Independence Day. Each child at Anchoby Primary School was given a gift with the Jamaican flag. Everyone at our school was very happy and excited – a bit like they were at the opening ceremony. I have never forgotten that day. I loved it here and wanted to return one day to help.
My late husband John Hoyland who became a famous British painter was born in Sheffield, England in 1934 and sadly he passed away in 2011 at the age of 76.



John loved Jamaica

John loved Jamaica. He loved the light, the sunshine, the colours – in fact he loved Jamaica so much that he requested his ashes be scattered in the sea by Montego Bay – which they were by myself and Jeremy 5 years ago.
John was born into a working-class family and he was only able to attend the Royal Academy School of Art in London because he was given a small grant from the Sheffield Council, so he knew what it was like to be poor and e wanted to help our school because he felt that education is essential.
In fact he was so poor he would paint on both sides of sheets of cardboard because he couldn’t afford any paper. However his paintings are shown in at least 36 public collections around the world!
I am sure the extra classrooms will make a big difference. Hopefully we will turn out some musicians as we now have a classroom for music lessons …..
So I started with an idea. However I would not have been able to do this without the agreement of my late husband John Hoyland and my step-son Jeremy Hoyland.



We would like to thank …..

Once we have the funds for building it had to go through a charity and I am extremely grateful to Ms Eileen Wilson of Kumphunzitsa Anna Ltd, the charity who helped us get the funds to Anchovy.
I would like to thank the Ministry of Education for accepting our gift and for agreeing to build the new classrooms. Thanks also to Dr Michelle Pinnock, Director of the Ministry of Education, Region 4, who is representing the Ministry today.
I would also like to thank the architects and everyone who was involved with making this project such a success.
Finally, I and my step-son Jeremy would like to pay tribute to Mr Gerald Lawrence, the head teacher, who welcomed us here 5 years ago. Mr Lawrence is very supportive, co-operative and always smartly dressed. He is a good role model for our teachers and young students alike.
In my opinion Mr Lawrence is the epitome of a head teacher.



 Beverley__Wiz_at_Newport_Street_Gallery.jpg Newport_Street_Gallery_sml.jpg

 Beverley & Whiz at Newport Gallery                                       Newport Street Gallery


                          Beverley Heath Hoyland, Diane Abbott and Liz Kahlu

Beverley Heath-Hoyland announces showing of her late husband John’s paintings

Beverley Heath-Hoyland has kindly informed CaribCommx that the first showing of the paintings of her late husband John since his death was opened on 8th October.  We understand that the show by one of the country’s outstanding artistswill last into the new year and attach relevant links which Beverley has forwarded to us.


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