The Muse has left me 

The Muse has left me
And gone
No memory lingers on. 

The thoughts that once had filled my head
Of friends and colleagues long since dead
The images of life and love
Soft inspiration from above 

It isn’t that I cannot feel
The senses which beguile me still
Of lonely times and crowded hours 

And yet this task exceeds my powers
To give words to my deepest thoughts
My joys and fears 

There was a time
Not long since past
When thoughts came to me
Sure and fast
Not laboured

When often upon my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood
And try to catch the how and why
The what and when of childhood.
The babe is father to the man ………. 

And though these thoughts just ran and ran
I could no longer find the link
Or impulse bring me to the brink
Of holding memories in verse
In couplets
Rhythms terse
Tunes of glory
Tunes of praise
Sad soliloquy of forgotten days
When songsters rhymed the sounds of June
With croon
And noon
A poet’s boon
Then find a match
For pearl and jade
In forest glade
Or garden laid. 

I mock not their art
Their petty rhyme
To me they seem just now sublime 

Earth has not anything to show my fair
Though me
Dull soul
It has passed by
It isn’t as if I didn’t care
For love of words and poetry. 

A camel crossed the fiery waste
In search of food and drink
At last it found a water-hole
And gasped upon the brink
The sun was hot
The sand was dust
All moisture had been dried
And there upon the water’s edge
The thirsty camel died. 

I look through my fingers
And what do I see?
I see Evie peeping at me.
She looks through her fingers
And what does she see?
She sees Grandad peeping at she.
We look through our fingers
And what do we see?
We see Vivvy peeping at we. 

So this is what it is to lose …….
My family jokes do not amuse …..
I’ll burn my books the Doctor said
(Without mine I would be dead). 

Please help me with this paltry verse
I know that I have not written worse
The Muse has left me
And is long gone
And you will have to close this song.

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