Blutack'd picture of a faded sports-star
Bluebottle's eggs in tomorrow's meat
Blue finch on the winded wash-line
Blue rinse ladies at the church's fete
Blueberry pie - burnt custard skin -
Blue memories of a broken heart. 

Green grow the rushes -
Greengages squashed
sour turning pale
Green hill - there is – that is far away
Green Man inn
where smiling friendships fail
Greenwich on the Woolwich Line
broccoli, sprouts and curly kale. 

Redskins lurking in the undergrowth
Red mist of tears or love
or both
Red rag taunts the farmyard boar
Red roses round the kitchen-door
Red hot poker
Red hot stove
Redcurrant jam spilt on a boiling floor. 

White blossoms on Gran's cherry-bough
White feathers fleck our duck
White snow
crisp and icy
White clouds have chased dark skies along
White shirt for Sunday evensong
White spirit
whit-ed sepulchre and ghost. 

Black darkness all around in winter
Blackbird bidding us to breakfast toast
Black night
no foe
but our most welcome friend
Black tar
aroma of a childhood
without an adult end
"Black beauty" on shelf made of wood
Blacking shoes and dubbing boots 

Prying backyard yellow-hammer
My father's favourite garden fowl

A golden sun set in a constant manner
Silver moon in its glistening argent cowl 

Crimson princely robes find faintly echo
Crushed violets' far-off meadow canopy
Scarlet ribbons laced in fever
Lilac bushes
stand neighbour to laburnam's lullaby. 

Khaki shorts
Fawn-coloured coat
Dark brown gloves
Leather tanning from our goat 

Grey walls with marks of indistinguishable hue.
Speedwell - yet another blue 

The mustard primrose soon will yield
Cornflower, poppies
etching out the harvest field. 

Purple pansies
Mauve woodberries
Saffron crocus in the snow
but for vermillion
Puce, indigo and turquoise
those are shades I did not know. 

Lemon curd and olive oil
Essence of an orange-peel
The colour and the words
how each fruit, itself, must feel 

The simple tones of colours
Enshroud eternal
This reverie of

All image of the world
in infancy I found 

Blue tit tapping on the window-pane
Green grass glistening in the springtime rain
Brown mushrooms crackle in the frying pan

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