Song of the Doomed Children

Pablo played his piccolo
Rachel danced a merry jig
So perfectly in tune. 

Susie strummed a steel-guitar
Bertie bowed the double-bass
And Harry tried to croon.

Bad girls took their knickers off
Good boys said their nightly prayer
Before they went to bed.

Tomorrow would be Christmas-tide
When all of them were dead.

Theirs was the generation
Doomed to die too young
They left the world without a care
In drunkenness and song. 

They are the lost girls and boys
Who didn’t have a chance
They passed their days in giddiness
With orgies, drugs and dance. 

Thomas read is daily book
Janet cooked and ironed clothes
For Mummy, Gran and Dad.
Georgie heaped her pennies up
Maurice saved a neighbour’s life
Sally was so sad.
Maids and model citizens
They helped with work and love
To see that all were fed. 

There was another Christmas-tide
When all of them were dead. 

Theirs was the generation
Saved to live so long
They left the world of care and woe
Sans error, sin or wrong. 

They are the men and women
With privilege and right
They passed their days in piety
In duty, work and light. 

Doomed and Saved
Today are dead
The winner, the child, the lover
Leaving us behind to think
Why should we bloody bother !

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