Lavender Blue (Dilly, Dilly?)





Put me beside the bees-bite.
Take me into the sun.
The shadow and the shade
Are not pleasing
For a life that has just begun. 

I am more safe near the bees-bite
Soothed by the quiet buzzing sound
And can wake, doze or sleep
As I want to
With nobody else around. 

My tiny brain is too fragile
To take in all it may see.
My young limbs are weak
And so feeble.
It's rest and growth that I seek. 

Your world chills me and frightens.
The forbidding voices
And the noises I fear.
Leave me with bees -
They assure me that no harm will ever come  near. 

Don't lay me alone in the garden.
Don't lay me alone by the road.
Lay me out there
Where the bees are in swarm
The clouds are on high
And the weather is warm. 

The smell of the bees-bite will linger
Stay with me for as long as I live.
I shall always be thankful
For the comfort and safety they give. 

The Alsatian dog also watches.
Its growling keeps strangers away.
Its bark and its bite
Makes my little heart shake:
I really don't want him to stay. 

"You must not throw things in the bushes".
The bees would bite if I did.
Among bushes and trees
And flowering-bowers
Where these creatures hover
A world of enchantment is hid. 

There's nothing to fear in the garden
As long as the bees-bite is there.
The shouts and the sounds from further around
Fade on the breeze:
Their cadence just trilling on air. 

Thunder storms and rain drops
Make me wet and spoil the crops.
In winter's cold and autumn fog
We shelter by the fireside-log.
The owl at night
Gives me a fright.
The foxes' bark
Pervades the dark. 

The insects' hum and springtime bloom
Takes away the woodland gloom.
Moist bracken and the morning-dew
Light on the grass of varied hue.
Across the lawn
A new day's dawn
Sun and cloud
A happy shroud. 

On the wire to the telephone
The dear dove sings all alone
A squirrel runs into the mist
Fresh plants in the earth
Are signs of annual re-birth
In a garden the Spirit has kissed. 

Don't you know what is meant by the bees-bite?
Though it was you that told me it's so.
  "It's time for his nap.
  Take blanket and wrap.
  Lay his young head
  By the lavender bed".
Yes, that's where I wanted to go.

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