The great and good, the mean and lowly
"Everything that lives is holy".
In essence we must all agree
But  - even though it is the bug, or flea
The earwig, pond-life, frog or toad
And in the earth the nemotode?
The wasp, the centipede, the worm?
Helpless newt stuck in mud that's firm?
There is, you may have heard,
A beetle that is born in turd.
"Everything that lives is holy" -
A concept that is rather silly.

God made mankind in his own image
Two legs, two arms, a pleasant visage
A brain to think, a soul to feel
That's why He gave to us free will.
Therefore it is somewhat funny
To give these attributes to bunny
Pussy, house-hold dog that barks
The finches, sparrows and the larks
And don't you feel a stupid ass
To dole out brotherhood en masse
To everything which since our birth
Has crawled and crept upon this earth. 

"Let every creature rise and bring
Peculiar honours to our King".
Peculiar is in life and deed -
These are creatures who have no need
For conscience, morals, standards, brain
And do nothing much - except chew grain,
Or gnaw on wood, and drink the dew
Mixing it to some loathsome brew
With sewage, dirt, and for a topping
Guzzle down a bird's dried dropping.
Strange, then, it is to say
God, too, moves in a mysterious way. 

"All creatures of our God and King
Lift up your voice and with us sing".
Do you feel a brotherly echo
In the company of a gecko?
All of you, I trust, agree
No wildebeest is quite like me.
The cayman's jaw, the hornet's sting -
That is certainly a thing
With which the world can do without -
Like wolf-hound's tooth and wild-boar's snout.
Is mankind, the weasel or the larva
Most close in spirit to Our Father? 

When civilisation has passed away
And all the world is in decay
When everything has turned to dust
The ruin, debris and the rust
Who will have the wit to see
That this speck was you, or me
An antelope, a spider or a fly
For everything that lives must die.
Then where will art and culture thrive
When there is nothing left alive?
You may consider it more slowly
That "everything - ? - that lives is holy".

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