On The Approach of Retirement 

I have seen the glory of a thousand stars
Heard music played at a hundred bars
Watched blue waves breaking on a tropic shore
And tasted nectar till I want no more. 

I have been to where many long to be
And picked a rose from a hawthorn tree
Wrote lyrics and received the praise
Paced out life’s highway in contrasting ways. 

I have loved women, beautiful and warm,
Bathed deeply in their effusive charm
Met heroes, idols from my youth,
Got a fairy’s sixpence for my broken tooth. 

I took on the world
Lived out my dreams
Watched sport played by international teams
Ate sausage in a German town
Saw royal monarchs in their regal gown. 

I have debated long and hard about this life
Wept sadly for its bloody strife
Supped on honeyed dew and nettle cheese
Cast here and there
Did what I pleased. 

And now I am alone
With you
There’s nothing that I would rather do
Than stay alone with you
With you
And stay alone with you.

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